A religious analysis of mersault in light of his atheism

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An essay on the slavery and the american bigot

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Albert Camus (1913—1960)

A religious analysis of Mersault in the light of the whole book is that he is an atheist, who wouldn't waste his time on listening to the word of God. Mersault is the type of person that doesn't care about what goes on around him. He is his own person and thinks life is not worth living.

A religious analysis of Mersault in the light of the whole book is that he is an atheist, who wouldn't waste his time on listening to the word of God.

In the story's first half, Meursault is an unperceptive man, existing only via sensory experience (the funeral procession, swimming in the sea, having sex with his girlfriend, et cetera): the only absolute truth being death, with many relative truths — and, in particular, the truths of religion and science (empiricism, rationality, et cetera) are, ultimately, meaningless.

Religion. Camus was born a Catholic and ultimately became an atheist. Political Views. Camus dabbled in communism, but his existential philosophy led him to anarchism. Literature Study Guides The Stranger Context. The Stranger | Study Guide Albert Camus. Study Guide Because of his atheism, he views any attempt to discover an overall meaning for life as ridiculous because it contradicts the basic meaninglessness and chaos of the universe.

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an essay on the slavery and the american bigot I love Western Culture and a legal analysis of genetic screening I love being a Westerner.

A religious analysis of mersault in light of his atheism
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