Audio lingual method

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Audio-lingual method

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Audiolingual method

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Teaching approaches: what is audiolingualism?

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The Audio-lingual Teaching Method

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The Audiolingual Method is a method for teaching foreign languages. Linguists at the University of Michigan invented this method in the late s. In the Audiolingual method, students first hear a language.

Later, they speak the language, and after that, they read and write in it. The Audio-Lingual method of teaching had its origins during World War II when it became known as the Army Method. It is also called the Aural oral approach.

It is based on the structural view of language and the behaviorist theory of language learning. The Audio-lingual Method was widely used in the s and s, and the emphasis was not on the understanding of words, but rather on the acquisition of structures.

lesson by the teacher is very important to the success of this method, discuss your findings with a colleague. Concentrate on mastering the techniques the teacher used in Steps 2, 4, and 7 of the lesson.

In relation to the audio-lingual method, Richards and Rodgers () claimed that "Students were often found to be unable to transfer skills acquired through Audiolingualism to real communication outside the classroom" (p. 59). The Audiolingual Method. A. Important Concepts.

1. Selection of materials -- contrastive analysis. a. Major advocates and researchers in contrastive analysis: C.C. Fries and Robert Lado.

Audio lingual method
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