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The Industry Handbook: The Telecommunications Industry

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How to Compare Financial Ratios to Industry Average

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The Centre for Interfirm Comparison helps businesses of every kind to improve their profitability and productivity by providing expertise in benchmarking, performance measurement and financial control.

Difference Between Competitive Analysis, Benchmarking, And Marketing Analysis. The major objective of competitive analysis or competitive monitoring is the analysis of a competitor' strategies. Benchmarking analyses focus on what leaders do, why, and with what results.

Benchmarking enlarges companies' horizons to other sectors. It. Examines the role of benchmarking within the small hospitality sector. Argues that there is considerable potential for improving service quality by this means, not only in the small businesses.

Why Do Comparisons? • Rough indicators of relative quality • First step in identifying best practices • Point benchmarking projects at areas with the most return on investment.

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Benchmarking competitive comparison comparison analysis interfirm comparisons hospitality sectors es
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