Can i attach my resume to the common app

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Attaching Resumes or Activity Sheets to an Application – The Right Way

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Should students include a resume in their college application?

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Select a deployment shake and click OK. I am often asked where a student’s resume goes on the common app and the answer is simple. No where. That’s right, colleges do not want to see a resume in your common application.

And no that doesn’t mean that you should send it by mail or email to the colleges. To the OP, I think you can attach a resume, if it is around 1page and tells more about your activities than your app.

Sometimes you can't fit everything into the common app, which is why they made the "additional information section.". Manual Installation.

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“I have my students create a resume so I can see what their activities are and their level of commitment in each activity. If their activities are easily covered on the application with all the necessary descriptions included, their resumes are not included in the application.

This is one of Dahua’s latest PTZ cameras with IR LEDs and 30X optical zoom. If you have lower zoom needs, the same camera is available with a 12X zoom as the SDS-HN. Click the "Attach" or "Upload" button on the Web page when you get to the resume section of the application.

A separate dialog box should appear on the screen. Click the "Browse" button.

Can i attach my resume to the common app
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