Casa deposits analysis

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How to Write a Strategic Plan for Deposit Operations of a Bank

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Strategic and SWOT Analysis Report on HDFC Bank

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CASA deposits up 33% last fiscal: RBI

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Federal Bank Stock Analysis

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CASA ratio shows how much deposit a bank has in the form of current and savings bank deposit in the total deposit.

most banks have reported a significant surge in their current account savings account (Casa) ratio for the quarter ended December against 40 per cent as on December per cent on September compared with per cent at.

Analysis of Financial Results June 2 Table of Contents Annexure Financial Performance Business Strategy Company Overview. 3 1. Time tested Bank with over 94 years of banking history CASA Retail Wholesale deposits 15 Deposits Deposits (` crs) Savings Bank % Current Account % Wholesale deposits % Retail Term Deposits %.

A bank's cost of funds directly affects its profits, so most banks devote their strategic planning to attracting the lowest-cost, longest-term deposits. HOW TO INCREASE CASA DEPOSITS Presented by Group-2 Abhay Nimkar Annu John Bendi Satish Hema Sowjanya Ravindra Naik Daram Jyothi Introduction of Bank-> Bank is a financial institution which receives deposits from the public and lends them for investment purpose.

What Is CASA?

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Management's Discussion & Analysis LEADING THROUGH Year on year, low cost CASA deposits increased 3% to AED 65 billion, and comprised 42% of total customer deposits. In a tight liquidity environment, the Bank was able to maintain its loan to deposit ratio of %, and improved its liquidity ratio to % from % in

Casa deposits analysis
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Federal Bank Stock Analysis