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Defining Critical Thinking

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Structure of a Critical Review

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Crafting the Critical Analysis

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Now, a critical summary is much like a review: you give a summary with some critiques on salient points. Usually one of the elements helps to establish the theme. The following critical review, critiques the similarities and differences of three academic journal articles from “ The Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Management” ().

The selected articles discuss education through tourism, factors that motivate towards it, and the. Tuition account summary; Online learning Students.

Starting an online course? Daunted by that big exam or assignment? We offer tutorials, tips and resources on academic reading, critical thinking, note making, academic writing, communicating online, library research, managing your time. A critical review is not to be mistaken for the literature review.

A 'critical review' is a complete type of text, discussing one particular article or book in detail.

The 'literature review', which also needs to be 'critical', is a part of a larger type of text e.g. a chapter of your dissertation. Critical Review of Carn The novel Carn, by Patrick McCabe, is a thought-provoking tale of people from a town in Ireland.

A Critical Summary of Observations, Data and Hypotheses.

Critical summary
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