Egyptian funerary practices

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Ancient Egyptian funerary practices

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Funerary Practices throughout Civilizations

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March 20, - December 8, In conjunction with On-Site: Neighborhood Partnerships with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, LACMA presents an exhibition at the Vincent Price Art Museum featuring the museum’s rich collection of Egyptian art.

This exhibition presents an introduction to Egyptian art with a focus on myth and funerary practice. Funerary practices: Preparations, processions and burial I buried my father the count, Zau, beyond splendor, beyond the goodliness of any [equal (?)] of his in the South.

Another popular funerary practice common to Egyptian culture was the funerary mask. One of the most popular funerary masks is the “Mask of Tutankhamun” from the 18 th dynasty around BCE, who we will be looking at in this exhibition.

Anubis and Ma'at. Anubis is the Greek name for a jackal-headed god associated with mummification and the afterlife in Egyptian mythology. In the ancient Egyptian language, Anubis is known as Inpu, (variously spelled Anupu, Ienpw etc.). Funerary Beliefs and Practices The Egyptian religion was polytheistic, meaning they worshiped multiple deities, including pharaohs who elevated themselves as gods.

Egyptian burial is the common term for the ancient Egyptian funerary rituals concerning death and the soul’s journey to the afterlife. Eternity Egyptian burial is the common term for the ancient Egyptian funerary rituals concerning death and the soul’s journey to the afterlife.

Egyptian funerary practices
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