Enable snmp v1/v2 read-write access

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Enter “public” or “private” in the SNMP Trap-Community field, corresponding to read only or read/write messages. A remote host computer receiving trap messages or notices sent by the access-point will be able to read or read/write.

-Support SNMP agent and configure SNMP read/write communities. If the SNMP agent function is disabled, the UDP port number of SNMP agent function will be closed. -The management activities can be performed by SNMP operations.

Alcatel Unleashed

For a descriptions of these notifications, see the online help. v1/v2 communities Community name Specify the password, also known as the read/write name, that controls read/write access to SNMP.

Thomas Schmidt [email protected] hopebayboatdays.com 10 The Standard SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol-Defines the only (seriously) available standard for general management tasks (suitable also for non-IP devices) > defined as a short-term solution (RFC ).

Figure 1: SNMP v1/v2 settings in the Embedded Web Server (EWS) Note: Printer drivers, Fleet management tools and printing device solutions that require SNMNP access to query the device for print capabilities are not affected by disabling the SNMPv1/v2 write access, requiring only read access.

I set up the snmp trap as in 'Making my environment hopebayboatdays.com And by using troubleshooting utily of OME, I am able to communicate with the switch. The problem is that one of the fans is out of service and I don't have any information about this at OME.

SNMP settings Enable snmp v1/v2 read-write access
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How to configure SNMP v3 on Nortel Ethernet Routing Switches