Going home after deployment

Soldier surprises daughters after returning home from deployment in Afghanistan

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Reconnect with your spouse after deployment

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Post Deployment Care for Returning Combat Veterans

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Browse by topic or point for that strangely contract question you present to know the media to. Reintegration after deployment has been much easier than I expected it to be. And that kind of makes me nervous. I know that sometimes the worst problems happen after they have been home for a while, but right now, I’m not going to borrow trouble.

This isn’t to say the deployed spouse doesn’t have a say, just that it is much harder for them to make decisions about the day-to-day of what is going on back at home. Once a spouse has been gone for a while, the spouse at home gets into a groove.

Sometimes the shock of going from deployment routine to family routine can be enough to swallow without adding in a constant list of places to be. Make sure you give your spouse some downtime. Jun 15,  · The Marines spend seven months on deployment.

Army is about twice that, but they don't go as often. That means months where you deal with the same people day, after day, after day. What started out as a "date night" for a Glen Allen couple turned into a special moment for mom, reunited with her son after a two-year deployment in Bahrain.

Your best friend is going off to who knows where to fight in a war, you won’t be able to talk every day, you’ll have to wait months to even find out when exactly he’ll be coming home and the entire time you’ll be worried sick until you hear his voice again.

Going home after deployment
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