Immersive of multimedia

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Individual Multimedia Video Presence

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AMIEX® immersive art exhibitions

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Diamond Multimedia Products

EVS is globally recognized as the leader in live video technology for broadcast and new media productions. Our passion and purpose are to help our clients craft immersive stories that trigger the best return on emotion. Through a wide range of products and solutions, we deliver the most gripping live sports images, buzzing entertainment shows and breaking news content to billions of viewers.

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Moment Factory is a multimedia studio with a full range of production expertise under one roof. Our team combines specializations in video, lighting, architecture, sound and special effects to create remarkable experiences.

The 9th ACM International Conference on Multimedia Systems (MMsys ) took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands from June 12th until 15th, with the colocated workshops: 10th International Workshop on Immersive Mixed and Virtual Environment Systems (MMVE), 16th Annual Workshop on Network and Systems Support for Games (NetGames), 23rd Packet Video Workshop (PV), and 28th.

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Immersive of multimedia
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