India pharmaceutical industry

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Patent Law In India And The Pharmaceutical Industry

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The backlash against India’s pharmaceutical industry

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The Pharmaceutical Industry Development BOOM in India

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The State of Pharmaceutical Industry in India – An Overview

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India’s pharmaceutical sector has seen unwavering growth in the past few years, going up to 23 billion USD in from 23 billion USD in Various industry reports suggest that the pharmaceutical sector in India has been growing consistently at the rate of % every year since the last five years.

The pharmaceutical industry is expected to reach $55 billion byas per research studies, with the industry shifting towards digitization and inc. - India's most comprehensive online pharma news service.

It provides updates on Indian pharma industry, allied sectors like hospitals & diagnostic services,pharma tenders, pharma projects, pharma export & import, pharma laws & documents, pharma policies, pharma events, pharma company profiles, pharma studies, pharma marketing.

The Indian pharma Industry produces about 20% of the global generic drugs with the US accounting for nearly 28 per cent of Indian pharmaceutical exports, followed by the European Union at 18 per cent and Africa at over 17 per cent. ITA Pharmaceuticals Top Markets Report 1 Industry & Analysis Top Markets Report Pharmaceuticals.

Overview and Key Findings. Introduction. The pharmaceutical industry is comprised of companies engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry is heavily dependent on the.

Pharmaceutical industry accounts for about % of total FDI into the country. The FDI in pharmaceutical sector is estimated to have touched US$ million, thereby showing a compounded annual growth rate of about %.

India pharmaceutical industry
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