Indian automobile industry analysis

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Automotive industry in India

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Company strategy analysis report on: Automobile industry- Germany & India

The Indian automobile industry seems to come a long way since the first car that was manufactured in Mumbai in The automobile sector today is one of the key sectors of the country contributing majorly to the economy of India.

The statistic illustrates the number of domestic automobiles sold in India from throughbroken down by type.

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Injust over million passenger vehicles were sold in India. * Detailed analysis of Automobile industry which is gearing towards international standards.

* Analysis of the impact of qualitative factors on industry’s and company’s prospects. * Comparison of the Global automobile scene with its Indian counterpart.

Automotive industry in India

Indian Automobile Industry Analysis FY and Auto Industry showed excellent growth in FY Indian Automobile Industry The car segment in India has emerged as the promising and high potential sector which has been showing high growth trends in sales In India, the economic sustainability, improving living standards and increasing purchasing power of Indian customer has given the Indian.

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India's sales of automobiles - by type 2010- 2018 Indian automobile industry analysis
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