Is probation a privilege or a right

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Probation: Right or Privilege Most people do not understand that probation is not a right but a privilege. It is an alternative to a jail or a prison term dependent upon your performing the terms of your probation.

1. What is the difference between probation and parole?. Probation is a sentence or disposition imposed by a criminal court or family court. In general, probationers are released in the community without serving a period of local incarceration, although in certain circumstances they may be sentenced to both imprisonment (local) and probation; the sentence of incarceration shall be a condition.

Before modifying the conditions of probation or supervised release, the court must hold a hearing, at which the person has the right to counsel and an opportunity to make a statement and present any information in mitigation.

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What is Probation? The granting of probation is a privilege not a right. After an adult offender is convicted of a crime, the Court can suspend the sentence and place. Is Probation A Privilege Or A Right. Healthcare: Privilege or Right?Many people consider healthcare to be a privilege while others consider it to be a

State v. Walton (), Ohio App. 3d-- " (A) misdemeanor offender has no right to refuse probation and to demand to serve her sentence of imprisonment." Unlicensed driver was headed to prison for eight months and wanted six month traffic sentence served concurrently.

Instead, the judge put her on probation.

Is probation a privilege or a right
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