Kingfisher corporate levels

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Net positive: Revolution, not evolution

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Kingfisher's plan to put 'net positive' into practice

Contact. Kingfisher finances its operations using a number of funding instruments, including medium term note debt, bank borrowings and leases. As at 31 July Kingfisher had £99 million of net cash on the consolidated balance sheet. We have two CORPORATE LEVEL tickets for Ireland v USA at the Aviva Stadium on the 2nd of June which will see our own John O’Shea make his final international appearance.

We also have an exclusive three month full facility membership for Kingfisher gym and swimming pool and other spot prizes. Kingfisher Partners provides Corporate Finance and Business Consultancy services. We are partner led and more than capable of representing our clients at the most senior level on deals of significant value, working to co.

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Kingfisher corporate levels
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