Market overview

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Global Market Overview

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In today's pre-market trading the US index futures are mixed, with the E-Mini S&P most in decline, down by % from Friday's close. The DJIA index ended lower Friday, losing %. Market Summary. At Close 09/07/ All of the major indexes were weak Friday, as the S.&P.

lost % to finish at 2,On the NYSE, declining issues outpaced advancing issues by to individual stocks, the two top percentage losers in the S.&P. were T Rowe Price Group Inc.

and Incyte Corporation.

Industry Overview

See today's snapshot of current market data, including news, charts and calendar. Add this topic to your myFT Digest for news straight to your inbox. A market is a socially made system which lets the purchaser and the seller to invent various informations and accomplish an exchange of commodity and service.

It can also be termed as a place where goods trading takes place. A Market Overview is very important to understand the concept of market. In today's pre-market trading the US index futures are mixed, with the E-Mini S&P most in decline, down by % from Friday's close.

The DJIA index ended lower Friday, losing %.

Market overview
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