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What the Sokal Hoax Ought to Teach Us

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New York University awards students in the Center for Experimental Humanities a Master of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Extensive faculty advising follows students' course selection, monitors academic progress, and assists in the development of long-term goals. GSAS Bulletin Inter-University Doctoral Consortium Submitting Your Dissertation.

Facilities at NYU: Skeletal Morphology Laboratories. The Comparative Morphology Laboratory houses a comprehensive series of comparative mammalian skeletons and cadavers, including a large collection of non-human primates.

The laboratory collections also include an excellent cast collection of Paleogene to Pleistocene nonhuman primate fossils. GSAS actively seeks scholars with a wide variety of backgrounds, ideas, and interests to join our student body. All applicants must possess a bachelor's degree (or equivalent international credential) and demonstrate motivation, intellectual curiosity, and the promise of great scholarly achievement.

Applicants are permitted to submit admissions applications to two (or more) programs if they are within different schools at NYU. For example, you may apply to a program in GSAS and to a different program at the Steinhardt School.

Analytic–synthetic distinction

Implementation of Democracy and the Duration of Peace After Civil War Michael Leigh New York University International Relations Senior Honor Thesis.

Nyu gsas thesis
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