On certain characteristics of photogenie

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French impressionist cinema

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Jean Epstein

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by yearingcat By using a metaphor involving saimese twins, Jean Epstein brilliantly opens his speech ‘On Certain Characteristics of Photogénie’. Why Criticism: Jean Epstein and Photogénie. By Justine Peres Smith on July 26, Jean Epstein, Justine A.

Smith, On certain characteristics of photogénie, photogénie, The Senses, Vague Visages, Why Criticism. Post navigation ‘Indignation’ Has a Palpable Humanity to Its Fury. In his article, “On Certain Characteristics of Photogénie”, one of the most interesting things that Epstein offers is a definition of the term, What is photogénie?

I would describe as photogenic any aspect of things, beings or souls whose moral character is enhanced by filmic reproduction. French impressionist cinema (first avant-garde or narrative avant-garde) refers to a group of French films and filmmakers of the s.

although its divergent articulation by different writer-filmmakers has confused the issue to a certain extent. Photogénie Films [foh-toh-JIN-ee] "The art of cinema has been called 'photogénie' by Louis Delluc.

The word is apt, and should be preserved. What is photogénie?

Epstein – “On Certain Characteristics of Photogenie” Interpretive Question

I would describe as photogenic any aspect of things, beings, or souls whose moral character is enhanced by filmic reproduction."-Jean Epstein, "On Certain Characteristics of Photogénie".

Oct 11,  · It's hard not to read Jean Epstein's essay "On Certain Characteristics of Photogenie" and immediately draw comparisons to Sergei Eisenstein's "The Filmic Fourth Dimension" and Rudolf Arnheim's "Film and Reality".

One one hand, the argument that Epstein makes in terms of cinema's detachment of time is very similar to Arnheim's: that cinema and cinema's perception.

On certain characteristics of photogenie
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