Percent of acetic acid in vinegar by volumetric analysis

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Titration of Vinegar Lab Answers

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Determination of Acetic Acid In Vinegar Lab Explained

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Sulfuric acid

The Titration of Acetic Acid in Vinegar To learn about Volumetric Analysis and Titration. To learn about Acetic Acid and Vinegar. To learn about Weak Acids. To learn about Equilibria involving Weak Acids. In this laboratory exercise we will determine the percentage Acetic Acid (CH 3 CO 2.

The known percent of acetic acid in vinegar is 5%. The first method used was titrating with a visual indicator. The percent of acid found using this method was %.

The second method was the use of pH meter to measure the change in pH. Next, pipet mL of vinegar into a mL volumetric flask and dilute with distilled water.


Sulfuric acid

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Acetic Acid Content of Vinegar

Following this experiment, students should be able to perform indicator to the flask containing the vinegar and water. Swirl to mix.

Percent of acetic acid in vinegar by volumetric analysis
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