Skit rubric

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Assessment Rubrics In Drama

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Full is based on sound research. Vocabulary Skits are a great way to learn new vocabulary. This activity asks students to use new vocabulary in context which helps them remember the meaning of the words they are learning. After each skit, students in the classroom have an opportunity to evaluate if.

Task Description: Choose one of the stereotypes that you wrote about in your Perry Tales assignment. Consider “Perry Tales” to be like the general prologue of The Canterbury Tales.

Rubric for Skit or Role Play. Task Description: (Teacher may explain specific assignment in this space.) Criteria weight Exceptional Admirable Acceptable Attempted Understanding of Topic 40% Factual information is accurate.

Indicates a clear understanding of topic. Proactive Skit Rubric CATEGORY 8 7 6 Word Choice Writer uses vivid words and phrases that linger or draw pictures in the reader's mind, and the choice and placement of the words seems accurate, natural and not forced.

Writer uses vivid words and phrases that linger or draw. Unit 4 Task 4: Skit/Play Rubric CATEGORY/SCORE 4 3 2 1 Elements of a Play/Skit Play/Skit includes the elements: setting, characters, script/dialogue, stage direction & props.

Play/Skit includes most of the elements: setting, characters, script/dialogue, stage direction & props. JEOPARDY FINAL PRESENTATION Rubric 1 (lowest score)-4 (highest score) CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Preparedness/ team participation The whole team is completely prepared and has obviously taken their preparation seriously.

The whole team seems pretty prepared but might have needed to focus more closely during preparation time. Most of the team is somewhat.

Skit rubric
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English Satire or Paradox Skit