Stadium naming rights

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Naming rights

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Nike, Apple, Amazon? New Tottenham stadium naming rights latest and what it will be called

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Shadow of the Stadium

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Present naming rights Australia. In Australia, the most important distinction regarding outdoor stadiums is the shape of their fields: Oval stadiums — Generally used for cricket and Australian rules football.

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Papa John’s officially gone as Louisville drops naming rights in favor of Cardinal Stadium

A banner on the roof of a stadium, prominent logo branding inside an arena – these are the basics of naming rights sponsorships. How can sponsors be innovative to take advantage of digital opportunities around their naming rights?

Foxboro Stadium, originally Schaefer Stadium and later Sullivan Stadium, was an outdoor stadium located in Foxborough, Massachusetts, United opened in and served as the home of the New England Patriots of the National Football League (NFL) until and also as the home venue for the New England Revolution of Major League Soccer (MLS) from to Papa John’s officially gone as Louisville drops naming rights in favor of Cardinal Stadium.

Up-to-date stadium naming rights deals. Stadium Name Sponsor Home Teams Avg. $/Year Expires. Air Canada Centre Air Canada.

Stadium naming rights
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Shadow of the Stadium