Two ways a woman can get

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Remember: Prescription erection pills are only a quick fix that must be taken one our prior to a. Mar 07,  · "Two Ways a Woman Can get Hurt":Advertising and Violence By Jean Kilbourne In this essay by Jean Kilbourne, many points are brought up about how advertising about products by using women in a visibly vulnerable situations, has become accepted and more common.

Go to the front page of any mostly male discussion site like and see how many inches you can browse before finding several thousand men bemoaning how all women are gold-digging whores (7, upvotes) and how crazy and irrational women are (9, upvotes) and how horrible and gross and fat women are (4, upvotes).

The first point that Kilbourne emphasizes on is how pornographic advertisements objectifies living beings, especially woman. With various examples of different posters and advertisements, she tries to prove how advertisements have shaped the way people think about females in a society.

In Jean Kilbourne’s essay, “Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt”: Advertising and Violence, she paints a picture of repression, abuse, and objectification of women.

Two ways a woman can get
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