Usv investment thesis

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8 Trends Shaping The Future Of Blockchain Technology

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USV Investment Thesis

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Specifically, antenna array stabilization. It’s crazy to go back and look at the original investment theses for now successful (or unsuccessful) investments. For example back when USV first invested in Tumblr – it was not my investment (Brad led the deal) – I wrote a post announcing the Tumblr investment and summarizing the thesis.

An investment thesis is a set of beliefs that we use to decide whether to invest or not and also describes a macro level view of how we see the world.

It is the foundation of our selection process and the first step to decide whether we even take an in-depth look into a startup or not.

We are a thesis-driven venture capital firm

Union Square Ventures' focus has evolved into what we call a "thesis" but is probably better described as a macro level view about the world - the Internet world -. Apr 01,  · Union Square Ventures has always been a “thesis” driven firm.

We maintain specific principles about the internet that guide our investment decisions. USV Thesis This is news because USV has been very successful in investing in network-based companies that sit on top of the Internet infrastructure.

The chief feature of their investment portfolio to-date has been to invest in companies that have a mission of centralizing and monetizing the data from large networks of users.

Usv investment thesis
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