We can but should we rfid

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We Can But Should We? How far is going too far? Imagine a world where an individual’s complete and accurate medical history can be accessed and updated by simply scanning a microchip or radio frequency identification device (RFID) that is.

Radio frequency identification, by contrast, doesn’t require line of sight. RFID tags can be read as long as they are within range of a reader. Bar codes have other shortcomings as well.

"RFID technology is not in and of itself the issue. RFID is a minor miracle, with all sorts of good uses," said Simitian. "But we cannot and should not condone forced 'tagging' of humans.

Although RFID can be used without line of sight, the RF waves will reflect from metal. Other materials also have an effect on tags and on RF propagation.

A specially designed tag, which we call a hard tag, is needed when the tag is placed directly on metal. We are looking to buy an RFID system to manage the movements of items into and out of our organization, such as laptops, computers, furniture, smartphones, cameras and so forth.

Should we take cheap-as-chips RFID on trust?

The system should be able to record when an item leaves the premises, when it returns, how long it has been out and to. We Can But Should We? How far is going too far? Imagine a world where an individual’s complete and accurate medical history can be accessed and updated by simply scanning a microchip or radio frequency identification device (RFID) that is implanted into the body.

We can but should we rfid
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